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Entrepreneurship Is Just Another Word For Community

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Wait... that can't be right...

Isn't entrepreneurship all about one person's passion? Struggles? Goals? Hopes? Dreams?

Yes, but that does not tell the entire story.

Entrepreneurs are unique in their courage. It takes a tremendous amount of conviction to chart a new path, run with an out-of-the-box idea, or really start anything on your own.

Entrepreneurs are brave! They do not stop just because someone says 'no,' or laughs off their idea, or tells them that something cannot be done. The courage of their conviction is what propels them forward into seeing their idea through and making things happen.

Yet to think that they do this alone is absolutely untrue. In today's virtual world, even an entrepreneur operating from a cabin in the woods is rarely alone so long as they conduct their business online.

First, entrepreneurs are rarely, if ever, alone. Throughout their entrepreneurship journey they so often receive support from partners, parents, children, and other friends and family who believe in their ability to succeed. Even if some of the people closest to them are doubtful, there is usually at least one close confidant who always chose support over doubt.

Then there are the customers and clients. No entrepreneur will ever forget their first sale, or the first time someone saw value in the services that they had to offer. There may be bumps in the road early on, but those initial clients are invaluable not only for professional growth, but for personal growth as well.

Lastly, there's the community of entrepreneurs. No one quite understands the headaches and frustrations of a small business owner than someone else walking a similar journey in similar shoes. Entrepreneurs so often turn to each other for advice, for wisdom, or even just to let off a little steam. It's hard not working without co-workers, so colleagues in the same industry often take on that role for each other.

Even when they're successful, entrepreneurs could always use a little bit more support in their business. Here are three things that you can do today to help support entrepreneurs, even if you are one yourself:

  • Try Their Products! Whether the product is something you use, something you consume, or a service that you may need, look towards shopping from a local entrepreneur the next time that you're on the hunt. It may cost a bit more than a big box solution, but you know that you're forging a relationship, and usually getting better quality as well.

  • Connect on social! Today's entrepreneurs thrive on social media in order to market their businesses. Many are getting creative, turning to LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other platforms to educate the public about what they do. Like their content, leave a comment, save their video to watch later - it all helps with their algorithms and it shows the platform that their business is building a steady following.

  • Tell A Friend. The best gift that you can ever get an entrepreneur is a referral! If you've had a positive experience with someone's product or service, don't ever hesitate to tell others who may be in need. Write a testimonial, refer a friend or relative, or even share something on your own social feed. This is how businesses grow, and that business owner will be grateful for you going that extra mile.

The world is not always an easy place, and entrepreneurs are not without their struggles. Yet when their drive is backed up by support of friends, family, colleagues and community then amazing things can happen.

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