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Ever dreamt of making the news? Now's your chance!

Congratulations! Your website has just had a major refresh. You have all new copy, a new layout and design, new headshots, the works.

You show it off to friends and family, and they're all impressed. You've committed to blogging regularly to keep your content fresh and informative, which is also a great feed to improve your social media content.

You have an SEO plan in place to improve your position on search engines, but you know that that's a long game, and will take months to slowly build up and accumulate results.

In the meantime, though, how are you going to regularly stay connected with your clients? You have regular updates that you want to send out, and you want to make sure that your clients are in the know about your latest developments and your plans, but you're wondering how best to do it.

The solution is a newsletter.

Given the state of privacy laws, having clients and contacts on your newsletter mailing list means that they want to be there, and they signed up to keep in touch with your business. If they ever want to stop receiving your newsletter they can just unsubscribe - easy as that.

Your newsletter can tell your clients what they need to know right at that exact moment. If you're about to launch a sale or promotion, your newsletter is the perfect opportunity to let your clients know. If you've recently written important articles (read: blogs), or been featured in any local media or publications, that's something that you would want to include in a newsletter as well.

Remember that a newsletter does not need to be lengthy, or complicated. No one wants to spend 10-15 minutes deciphering what the heck your newsletter is trying to say!

Keep it simple. Think of your newsletter as a snapshot of what's going on in your business. Even though the copy should be excellent, it's still a teaser to drive traffic to your site, so even if someone is reading it for under a minute it still needs to spark an idea, or make them want to learn more.

Stories can be a great way to do that. Our brains are hardwired to engage in stories, and when we hear one that piques our interest we want to stay until the end. Your newsletter can tell, or at least start telling, a story from your business. Whether that's an actual story, or just the story of the business itself and where you're at at that exact moment, the choice is up to you.

Has all of this made you realize that your business needs a newsletter, but you have no clue where to start? Is it a project that you've put off month after month because it just feels too daunting?

I can help. Let's come up with a plan to keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis, and remind them of everything that's new and exciting in your business.

Contact me today to get started.

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