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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Holiday Cards

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Grab a seat, take a deep breath, and then look at a calendar.

We're only 5 weeks away from Christmas, with only 6 weeks left in the year.

I can't believe it either. The pandemic has both simultaneously sped up and slowed down time, so that 'last year' feels like 2019, and yet during difficult periods some weeks have felt like months.

Yet as the state of the pandemic continues to improve, businesses both online and in person are returning to some state of normalcy, and for the first time in almost two years there is a palpable excitement for the future.

When it comes to communication, this excitement is a perfect reason to reach out to your contacts. It's difficult to generate optimism and enthusiasm when the news outside is all doom and gloom. It's another when you're reaching out to share good news that's coming on the horizon.

Last year I sent holiday cards out to clients, all while realizing the irony of the fact that most of them were no longer working out of their offices, and some may not have even bothered collecting the mail (I heard back from one client in the Spring that they had just received my card).

This year may well be different. Whether it's through a mailed card, a friendly e-card, or simply a warm note - take a moment to reach out to your clients. Thank them for their continued business during yet a second difficult year. Reach out for a conversation to see how they are doing, and take the time to learn about what's new in their business.

That extra effort is a strong way of communicating and reaching out. It shows your clients that you're still standing, and you're overjoyed that they are as well.

If you haven't done a holiday newsletter before, now may be the perfect time to start.

This does not need to be a traditional 'Christmas letter,' where you spend several pages regaling readers with mundane updates on various extended relatives. Instead, make this a fun opportunity to share with clients everything that's new in your business.

  • Opened a new location? Tell them how it's going.

  • Offering a new product or service? Tell them why they need to consider it in the new year.

  • Posted some great content that made a strong impression? Feel free to re-share.

This newsletter does not need to be anything stuffy, nor should it be a chore for anyone to read. Find a fun way to share the best of your stories from 2021, and do it in a way that's quick, engaging, and will inspire others to follow your business into 2022.

Need ideas for content? Contact me and let's set up a consultation. Also, if you want a holiday card this year, email me your mailing address and I would be happy to add you to the list.

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