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Looking for an easier way to find new clients?

If you've been on the job hunt at any point in the last decade, you're likely on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn started as a professional networking site nearly two decades ago, and has since become a monolith - think of it as the professional version of Facebook. There are over 750 million users in over 200 countries on the platform.

Over time it's become more than just about job searching and connecting with others. It also serves as a recruitment tool, a learning platform, and a phenomenal resource to share industry news and thought leadership.

If you're not on it, you should be.

If you are on it, it's time to update your profile.

Too many professionals have a LinkedIn account because they were told that they should at some point, but it's tired and dated looking.

Their story is what's missing.

If your LinkedIn profile just shows the places and years of your employment, with no photo and no additional content, then you're treating LinkedIn like a virtual resume when it can be so much more.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to tell your story as a professional. Your tagline, your bio, your experiences, your referrals, and the content that you share can all tell the world so much about you and the work that you do.

Think of LinkedIn as a free opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Everything that you do on LinkedIn is a chance not only to speak about your work, and your business, but to let your personality shine through as well.

If you're doing something interesting with your work, talk about it.

If you've just written an article that you're proud of, share it.

If you took on a new role, a new promotion, or have joined a new cause, celebrate it.

The truth is that your colleagues are using LinkedIn, as are your potential clients, and both are important for building your business.

When potential clients run a search of your name, your LinkedIn profile is usually one of the first results that come up. Many will check out your profile to learn more about you, and to learn about your experience. Don't let those searches come up short - use your profile as an excuse to tell them even more about you.

If you ever get referrals from colleagues, then LinkedIn is a great way to tell them about your business as well. The site encourages you to keep up with your contacts, to like and engage with content relevant to your industry, and to put out content of your own.

The more eyeballs that land on your page, the more people recognize what you can do and how you can help. It's that simple.

In March we'll be releasing some additional content, as well as an eBook, outlining simple measures that you can take to improve your LinkedIn presence. It's easier than you think, and worth the small investment of time for what it can do for your business.

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