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The email that stopped me in my tracks

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The other day I had finally gotten around to cleaning out my inbox when I saw an email that stopped me in my tracks.

It wasn't anything urgent, and it didn't contain horrible news thankfully. It didn't even come from a family member or close friend, and it wasn't about anyone that I knew.

Rather, it was a newsletter from a networking contact that I have known for several years, and to be honest I had forgotten in that moment that I was on her mailing list.

As I'm filtering through the Promotions tab of my inbox, getting rid of umpteen coupons and flyers, I saw this subject line:

"This Couple Made A Huge Mistake."

She had me. Curious, I clicked through. The next line was even better:

"Here is How I Helped Them."

I sat back in my chair and applauded out loud at my computer. Absolutely brilliant.

The email went on to simply and clearly tell the story of a couple that she had assisted with an insurance issue, and it offered some common pointers to look out for along with ways that she may be able to assist with readers' future issues.

I liked the newsletter so much that I wrote my friend a fan letter (something I do occasionally) and it prompted us to reconnect. I've already sent her a referral, because I know EXACTLY what she does and how she can help.

When we spoke, I reiterated that she understands the message that I work every day to impart. Corporate messaging, especially if it's targeted towards potential consumers, does not need to be complicated! Leave the jargon at the door, and make sure that your messaging is accessible to your target audience, but even to those above and beyond. The person who reads your blog may not be your ideal client at that moment, but they may know someone who is.

The most important part is what I walked away with after reading her email, and what your clients should come away with as well. Remember, your clients do not need to become the subject matter experts. They just need to know that you are, and how and when to reach you.

Stories do that perfectly. We've been telling stories since the earliest days of human existence, and it's because they're engaging, and relatable. A well-told story like this one should allow you to put yourself right in that person's shoes, and that's exactly what this email did.

My job is helping my clients tell stories that their potential clients can easily relate to. Reach out today and let's get started.

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