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Today's special. Do your clients know why?

There are a few days this month that you might already be celebrating. St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th is enjoyed by far more than just those with Irish heritage.

You’ve probably also come to hear about March 14th being unofficially dubbed Pie Day, as a pun on the 3.14 sequence that begins the mathematical Pi.

But did you know that March 1st is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day?

Or that the 18th is National Awkward Moments Day?

How about National Selfie Day on June 21st? I do hear that the solstice makes for a prolonged ‘golden hour.’

Or that August 25th is National Kiss and Make Up Day?

These are just Canadian holidays - in the US there are any number of lighthearted or goofy holidays to choose from on any given day.

"But Shaun," you ask, "what on Earth is the point of all this?"

I’m willing to bet that you’re not using many of these days, if at all, as an excuse to communicate with your clients.

Your clients don’t want to see heavy, dense e-blasts all the time. They may not get to read every article that you put out in fine detail. Come December, there is no question that they are receiving multiple ‘Seasons Greetings’ that day, and yours may well be lost in the shuffle.

Yet there are surely a few days in the calendar which may have funny tie-ins for your business that can serve as a great excuse for keeping in touch.

For example, anyone looking to promote health and wellness should definitely take advantage of reaching out on National Bike To Work Day, the third Friday in May.

Anyone in the dispute resolution field might want to explain to their clients on August 25th that while ‘Kiss and Make Up’ may be ill-advised for litigious disputes, it may be a great day for you to reflect publicly on the benefits of settling their disputes (or, alternatively, March 9th is National ‘Get Over It’ Day).

For the lawyers out there, April 13th may be a great time to remind your clients with a dash of levity that it is, in fact, the international Be Kind To Lawyers Day.

The point is that not all communications need to be serious. Using a lighthearted excuse to connect with your audience can be fun for all, so long as it is done well. This should be done tastefully so as not to inadvertently offend any readers, it should not be obtrusive (a silly e-blast may not work well), and it should at least have some sort of nexus to your industry.

I would love to speak with you about some ways to get more creative, and have a bit of fun with your content. Content that is always dry and serious may lose a reader’s interest, while a new and innovative approach can definitely show how your business is capable of thinking outside the box.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, today IS March 1st, and I am off to go enjoy some of my favourite peanut butter.

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