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When's the last time that you read your website?

I have a confession to make.

I last redid my website in June, and I was darn proud of it. I knew that after a year and a half, my old site no longer reflected my business, both in the writing and in the aesthetic. I changed hosts, worked with an entirely new design, and put together a new image and new copy that I felt accurately reflected my business.

I haven't touched it much since.

I've kept the portfolio relatively up to date - continually adding new work that reflects my broadening client base. I've also been blogging regularly to ensure that there is a steady flow of fresh content, and that I'm offering readers something new every visit.

The main pages, though? They have not changed much in 6 months. But guess what?

My business has changed. It's grown in those 6 months, and sprouted new clients, and new ideas, and new directions. I am tremendously excited for all of the possibilities to come in 2022.

Yet, as a friend pointed out to me earlier this week, if my website doesn't keep up then it is quickly in danger of growing stale - an unforgiveable sin for someone in my line of work.

I tell clients that most websites need to be fully re-evaluated every 3 to 5 years if the business is relatively steady. It's at that point that designs start looking a bit dated, content gets a bit stale, and even if little has changed it could likely still use a fresh coat of paint.

That timeline may not work for all businesses though. Even in those 3 years you may have grown your team, added new services, or discontinued other services. You may have done a pivot during the pandemic, and change the direction of your business entirely. Often when running your business is all-consuming, your website might be the last thing on your mind.

Remember, though, it's the first place that some clients will find you. Most are visiting your website assuming that the information is current and up-to-date, and they expect it to accurately reflect your business.

Even if you're taking time off over the holidays, try and take a few minutes to review your business' website. Send it to a few friends to give a quick read through as well (or I'm always happy to take a look for you).

If it works well, reflects you accurately, and you're maintaining a steady flow of fresh content, fantastic! You are well ahead of the curve.

If it can use some tinkering though, feel free to reach out and let's discuss how we can bring it up to date.

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