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Why a blog?

Six months in, and The Write Stuff Agency is the most fun that I’ve had in years! It has been an absolute pleasure writing all sorts of materials for clients including websites, newsletters, cover letters, and of course, blogs.

Yet it felt silly promoting my blog writing services without currently having one of my own! I have run several blogs in the past, on topics such as political news and workplace law, all with the goal of making public education more easily accessible, if not fun at the same time.

For this blog though, I think we need to talk primarily about writing, and really about storytelling. Why is it so important to tell stories? Why do you want to focus on keeping things simple, no matter how complicated your business may be? Why is your story going to be why people remember you, and why they tell everyone that you’re the person to call?

In the coming weeks I will explore some of these topics in greater detail, along with offering a free webinar for businesses on how they can focus on telling their story at a time when online presence matters m


I hope you’ll join me for this next adventure!

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