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About The Write Stuff Agency


The Write Stuff Agency started in late 2019 with an idea. After leaving his legal practice behind, Shaun was looking for his next adventure, and thought back to his earliest ventures in content writing for various businesses.

He had focused on marketing throughout various careers, and was skilled at networking and promotions on a shoestring budget. He thought that maybe, just maybe, it was possible to create a marketing solution for companies who wanted to get the word out without spending large agency fees.

The initial Write Stuff Agency website was hilariously simple. It launched with a single post, a few writing samples, and a short bio – but the idea was born. First and second degree connections came calling, and the initial answer was always the same – “Yes.” 

Over time the business has evolved into a full service content writing agency. Shaun works with clients from all industries helping them take their writing projects from early notions to planning right through to execution and publication. 

Know what you’re looking for? Great! No clue what you’re looking for? No problem! We’re still here to help. Let The Write Stuff Agency team get to know your business, and together we can come up with a plan that gets your message out to those who need to hear it most – all while respecting your budget.

About Shaun

Shaun Bernstein - Thw Write Stuff Agency

Shaun Bernstein

Owner and Chief Storyteller

Shaun Bernstein describes himself as a journalist-turned-lawyer-turned-storyteller. Try saying that three times fast!

Shaun initially started his career as a journalist, including a graduate diploma in journalism and a prestigious internship at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He learned to write for a variety of different media including newspaper, magazines, radio, television, and online publications. Shaun still credits his journalism training with shaping his keen interest in storytelling, and his desire to get a complicated message across simply and effectively.

Shaun then went to law school, earning his Juris Doctor from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law in 2015, and proceeded to practice as an employment lawyer around the Greater Toronto Area. He represented employers and employees in a variety of issues, and while he loved working with people, he wasn’t cut out for the acrimony of legal practice.

Today, Shaun is over the moon doing what he loves. While he may have never seen himself as an entrepreneur, he’s madly in love with the flexibility of his work, and the ability to help clients across all industries with their unique needs. The business has also expanded, including his co-hosted podcast, Branding and the Beast, and a growing number of courses and public speaking engagements.

When he’s not at a keyboard, Shaun keeps busy networking in his community, serving on various boards including the Durham Community Legal Clinic and the Whitby Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife are also trivia obsessives, and he can usually be found playing weekly at their local brewery, indulging in a virtual game online, or moonlighting for any strong team who needs a ringer.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.
How quickly can you write something?

Shaun was trained in a newsroom, so he’s used to writing fairly quickly when there’s breaking news. He’s reported on everything from local politics to natural disasters to the Arab Spring revolution – all with pretty quick deadlines.

That said, it’s always ideal to give things a bit of time! The general turnaround on a blog (800-1200 words) is about two weeks, and that goes for most things of a similar length. Websites inevitably take longer because of the various moving pieces involved. If there’s a rush job needed it may be possible, but a rush fee may apply.

Do you use Chat GPT or other AI?

No, we don’t. There’s definitely a time and a place for AI-generated content, and some folks are using it to outline things or create a content plan. Ultimately though the majority of its copy is unoriginal, and falls flat to both the eye and the ear. If you really want to stand out in an AI-driven marketplace, having an original voice for your content will be what helps you get there.

How often should I be updating my content?

Have you ever jumped onto a website and noticed that the blog hasn’t been touched in six months, or even sometimes years? What does that tell you about that website, or even about that company? You may not need new content daily, but regular additions are important, as is a review to make sure that what you have up still accurately reflects your business.

How do you handle SEO?

Shaun is not, by his own admission, an SEO expert. There are various tools that can generate keywords for SEO, although to be honest most of them are ones you would already expect for your industry. The important part today is not just hammering keywords hoping they’ll stick, but integrating them seamlessly into copy that flows smoothly.

If you provide Shaun with a list of keywords that you’ve received from your existing web team, he’s happy to weave those in as seamlessly as possible so that they’ll improve traffic without negatively impacting quality.

What if we don’t know what to write, or where to start?

That’s okay! Take a deep breath, and reach out anyway. Sometimes the best place to start is by putting yourself into your client’s shoes, and looking at your business from their vantage point. What do they need to know? What do you want them to know? What knowledge do you want them to have before they even call you? That’s a conversation Shaun is happy to have with you in order to help the next steps take shape.

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