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So who has……the write stuff?


The Write Stuff Agency may be a team of one, but that does not mean Shaun is working alone! In fact, that could not be farther from the truth.

Writing is always a collaborative process between the writer and the client, but there are so many more people in the mix. Since day one, Shaun has partnered with professionals from all aspects of branding and digital marketing in order to bring his clients the best possible experience.

Here are some of the companies we frequently collaborate with for web design, brand strategy, social media marketing, digital marketing, videography, photography, graphic design, etc. Note – many of the companies listed offer several services, some overlapping with each other – these are simply where I’ve worked with these teams the most.

Write Stuff

Brand Strategy

38th & Kip

38 and Kip

Not only is Alicia the incredible co-host of Branding and the Beast, but she is also a brilliant designer and strategist. She’ll help strip back your business to the very roots – what do you want to do? what are you looking for? what are you hoping to achieve? – and then recreate that into some solid messaging that you can use to drive your future success.

Prosh Marketing

Prosh Marketing

Roshni and her team are all star marketers who understand the importance of identifying the market and finding product market fit in order to launch successful marketing. The Prosh team offers a variety of services, from initial marketing strategy to fractional CMO services for brands looking to hit the ground running.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Pilot Solutions

Pilot Solutions

The Pilot team offers a full suite of marketing solutions, but Callum’s focus in particular is creating digital ad campaigns that knock it out of the park. He works with clients to determine their goals, their target budget, and then crafts a plan that can help get them where they want to go without breaking their bank.

Graphic Design

Zoca Studio

Zoca Studio

Like the Write Stuff Agency logo? That was Zoca. Like the Brickworks Cider summer cans, or the range of concert posts for artists from Wilco to Chris Stapleton to Snoop Dogg and Shania Twain? That’s Zoca too. Jose is one of the most talented designers in the country, and it’s an honour to work with him every single time.

Marketing Automation



Sara has years of experience running marketing automation systems for large-scale professional brands, and now she’s taking her talents to the SME market. Sara is the go-to for getting your marketing automation off the ground and running!


Leah Smith

Leah Smith Branding

Like Shaun’s headshots on his website? Thank Leah. Her branding photo sessions are magical, and her vision for capturing the true essence of her subjects helps each of them bring an entirely new dimension to their business. Book now though, because her schedule fills up fast!

Trinity Design

Trinity Design

Kirsten is a highly regarded photographer in and around Durham Region! If you’re in the area you’ve likely seen her and her camera at all sorts of events around town. She’ll handle anything from commercial work to headshots to family and lifestyle photography and even pets! Once you meet her you’ll realize why – there’s no one that Kirsten can’t make smile.

Social Media

Rainspark Media Group

Rainspark Media

The Rainspark Media team are at the forefront of social media marketing in Durham Region and beyond. Melanie and her team bring their vision and perspective to each project, working in a variety of industries to help every single business to put their best foot forward. There’s a reason why they were nominated Best New Business in Durham Region!

Stella Media Co

Stella Media Co

Samantha at Stella Media has been in social media for years, and is an absolute wizard when it comes to online content creation. Behind her calm and easygoing demeanour lies a keen eye and a wealth of knowledge that can help your business soar. Note that Samantha will not be taking new clients in 2024.

Web Design

Inspire Income Impact

Inspire Income Impact

Wins is so much more than such a web designer, which is why he’s known as ‘Mr. Fix-It.’ Anyone who has worked with him will tell you that he puts his SCUBA gear on and takes a deep dive into your business, often acting as coach and mentor along the way. Clients walk away with a website that they can feel proud of which truly represents the goals for their business, and ultimately helps them shine.

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