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Sari Rose Law - A prominent real estate and mortgage lawyer in Toronto (content and design)

Athena Scholastic - A website for a learning experience design business located in Florida (content and design)

Maurice Ford Mediation - Website content for an independent mediator practising in Toronto (content and design)

Macgregor Moriah Horic - Web content for a well known criminal law firm in Toronto (web content exclusively)

Caso Kitchen and Design website - Web content writing for high-end interior designer in The Bahamas

Top 10 Challenge - Non-profit campaign about food allergy awareness and research (web content exclusively)

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Know When To Hold 'Em And Know When To Fold 'Em - A case study of what happens when employees gamble on their employment

The Struggle Is Real: A Closer Look at Workplace Mental Health - An examination of the various issues impacting workplace mental health during COVID-19

Please Release Me - When do employment releases offer protection?

What Happens When An Employer Does Not Follow Their Own Contract? 

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Short Term Disability Denial - A 13-part question and answer about short term disability denial

A Public Outcry For Help - A closer look at the underlying mental health issues exposed in the famous Meghan Markle Oprah Winfrey interview

Angela's Story - A teacher's journey from illness to empowerment (originally written for magazine publication)

Real Estate


Avoiding Pre-Closing Chaos - A helpful checklist for home buyers

A Castle All Your Own - A helpful article about the pros and cons of buying a new construction home

Lakeview, Oshawa - A profile of a neighborhood in Durham Region written for a local real estate agent



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School Ties - A look at what happens when separated parents disagree on where a child should attend school

A Look At Decision-Making Responsibility And The COVID-19 Vaccine - How separated parents decide their child's future vaccinations 

When Criminal and Family Law Cross Paths - A look at the intersection between two closely-related areas of law

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Put It In Writing - Four reasons why your business needs a handbook

Termination Planning - A walk through on important priorities before the termination meeting


Call Me By My Name - A look at the cultural significance of using proper first names in the workplace 

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Turning Down The Noise: How Baseball Will Help Us Heal - A blog post for a baseball camp preparing to operate in the wake of the pandemic

Open Letter from Holocaust Survivors - Letter drafted to political caucus on behalf of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies

Our Everyday Miracles - Fundraising campaign for the pediatric intensive care unit for Shaare Zedek Medical Centre