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Why AI Can’t Finish The Job

Written by Shaun Bernstein on .

Have you read anything online recently that you’ve found yourself having to reread a few times over?

At a surface glance everything appears normal, but when you dig a little deeper you realize that it doesn’t flow well, and isn’t quite making sense?

Congratulations. You’ve most likely stumbled upon AI-generated copy.

If you’re reading through things quickly, and not really paying attention, you may not notice that you’re reading something created by ChatGPT, Bard, or another-AI based software.

The trouble, though, is that a lot of people actually do read closely when they’re seeking to understand something.

Most of the time, visitors are coming to your business’ website to gain just a little piece of your expertise.

They want to know who you are and what you do, but they also want to ensure that you know your stuff! You’re going to be the professional or the service provider who can explain your product or service to them without getting them lost, or making them feel silly for asking questions.

Customers and clients are coming your way because they trust you, even if they’re cautious, and your website is the perfect place to build that trust.

So when those customers and clients are then reading copy that doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t flow well, or really doesn’t say much at all – it’s a lot harder to bring them into your business.

Why start those relationships at a disadvantage?

Using AI to get started

Are you using AI in your business as a launching pad to help generate ideas?

You’re not alone. More and more professionals are using AI tools as a launching pad.

These tools are helping to generate presentation ideas, topic sentences, and even conversation for sales training.

Those are excellent uses for AI, specifically if you’re tight on time and even tighter on ideas!

Yet here’s the problem – AI may be a launching pad, but it can have a really hard time finishing what it started.

Your AI copy isn’t converting well

There’s a tremendous difference between using AI to generate blog topic ideas, for example, and using it to write the entire piece.

The end result of that piece is usually something that’s hard to distinguish from your competitors.

There’s a reason for that. AI is crawling the internet and using your competitor’s materials to learn. It’s essentially taking their ideas, and moving a few words around.

Except it’s not usually doing them in a way that makes sense!

That’s why the end result usually looks like a garbled mess. It’s not natural, and doesn’t reflect how a human would write.

It also doesn’t really impart YOUR knowledge. The end result isn’t unique to you, and truthfully isn’t that unique period.

It’s also not converting those potential customers and clients into sales. Without that unique, personal touch, there’s nothing there to differentiate you from your competition.

Your AI-generated copy isn’t convincing anyone of why they need you.

As a result, when potential customers and clients are shopping around, they’re probably going to go for the person they feel that they can connect with.

They may connect with you. They’re not connecting with your computer.

Where humans can help

When you know you need content, AI can seem like a quick fix.

Plug a few words in, click a few buttons, and you magically have a web page or blog that you can post.

Except most of us get too busy, and while we think it’s a quick fix, we’re not even bothering to do that much!

That’s why you hire a human to help write your content.

A professional writer can understand your voice, and what makes you unique.

They can also understand what your customer and clients are looking for.

Yes, they’ll look at your competition to see what others are doing well.

But the end result isn’t theft – it’s copy that makes YOU stand out from the crowd.

When you think you’re too busy to hire a writer, that’s exactly the time that you need one in your corner.

A writers’ job is to take that burden off your plate, and let you get back to revenue generating activities.

Not only will you walk away with content that’s coherent, but it’s content that’s meant to convert.

It converts because it’s speaking exactly to that audience that you’re trying to attract.

It’s telling them what they need to know, in a voice that they can understand.

It’s showing them exactly why they need to phone or email you when they need help.

Still feeling lost? Talk to a professional writer today.

The good ones will tell you exactly who they are, what they do, and how they can help.

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