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Words Matter

Words Matter, Now More Than Ever

Written by Shaun Bernstein on .

Words matter. In fact, they matter more today than ever before.

In a world of AI-generated content, social media captions, soundbites and taglines – your words matter.

They matter because people want to know what you have to say, you and your business. 

They matter because your customers and clients want to know what you believe, what you stand for, what you support.

They matter because when everyone else is speaking, your silence alone may speak volumes. 

When ‘far away’ hits close to home

This month marks one of the worst crises that the Middle East has seen in years. On October 7, 2023, the terrorist group Hamas launched a deadly terror attack in Israel, with carnage of Jews that has not been seen since Holocaust.

While the news reports were almost too horrible for words, that’s exactly what businesses and brands have been struggling to find – the words.

That’s because as a political issue, the region has long been fraught with controversy, and the history is often too complex for most consumers to have a firm grasp of the nuances, grievances, etc.

Yet what happened in these attacks is not about nuance. The victims of these terror attacks were killed because of their religion and their faith – not because of their personal politics. 

Moreover, the ramifications are not contained to a distant region of the world – far from it! With a population of 15 million and a shared indigenous roots in the region, no Jew in the world was more than one or two degrees connected from a victim of the attacks.

Similarly, anyone with familial or close ties to Palestinian civilians are left hurt by the terror Hamas has inflicted on their community as well, and are left wondering what happens next.

Ultimately, Israel’s war against Hamas impacts not only the Middle East, but communities everywhere.

This, ultimately, is why your words are so important. 

Think about your clients first.

Your Jewish friends, customers, and clients are scared. They’re feeling targeted, and frightened, and with flashbacks from their ancestors navigating mass extermination wondering who is safe for them to trust. 

Many of your Muslim customers and clients are also looking to ensure that they are safe with you – that you’re comfortable denouncing terrorism and Islamophobia for the hatred that they are. 

You may be wondering why anyone wants to hear from you on these issues, especially if you feel as though you’re not informed enough to make any sort of political statement.

The answer is that you can make a statement that’s not political. What’s political is silent. 

A statement can condemn terrorism, and promote peace, without getting too deep into geopolitics. 

A statement can acknowledge the various groups impacted without doing too much finger pointing, or even none at all. 

A statement can offer words of comfort and support during a difficult time, and even link to resources that may be able to assist clients or customers impacted by war or its aftermath. 

These statements are not always easy to write, and need to be handled delicately and with a lot of care. They cannot, and should not, be simply left to AI.

Yet not making a statement out of fear of a slip may actually be the biggest slip of all. In order for anyone to do business with you, they need to know, like, and trust you.

While some may not like your taking a vocal stance, the greater risk is that without one, far more will be left wondering whether or not you can truly be trusted. 

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